Attacking & Defending Active Directory Workshop


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Date: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Attacker: Andy Robbins | Adversary Resilience Lead at SpecterOps (Co-creator of BloodHound)

Defender: Darren Mar Elia | VP of Products at Semperis (GPO Guy)

How do you defend Active Directory, aka the “keys to the kingdom,” if you don’t know where the attacks are coming from? Hackers constantly find new ways to break into AD. And once inside, they’re increasingly adept at covering their tracks to silently create backdoors and establish persistent privileged access.

In this workshop, we’ll demonstrate real-world attacks that are frequently used against AD, including credential theft, Kerberos-based attacks, Group Policy-based attacks, and ACL attacks.

The expert presenters will play out both perspectives: attacker and defender. This is a red vs. blue standoff, so don’t expect a bunch of slideware.

During this workshop, we'll demonstrate:

  • Ways that hackers can exploit AD in every stage of the cyber kill chain
  • Common AD hacking and discovery tools such as Mimikatz, PowerSploit, and BloodHound
  • Proactive steps to identify vulnerabilities in your AD configuration
  • Strategies to harden your AD so that hackers don’t have an easy path to Domain Admins

All Rights Reserved. Semperis Inc. © 2020

All Rights Reserved. Semperis Inc. © 2020

Andy Robbins 
Adversary Resilience Lead | SpecterOps (Co-creator of BloodHound)

Darren Mar-Elia
VP of Products | Semperis
14-time Microsoft MVP (GPO Guy)